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52 Things I love about you...

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52 Things I love about you...

A few years ago when finances were tight Kerri gave me a gift that keeps on giving. She wrote down 52 things she loved about me on a deck of cards. It was a simple gift but took some serious effort on her part. BUT it continues to speak my love language of Words of Affirmation. After I posted this on social media I started having requests if I would share some of the cards and what she wrote.

  1. I love the way you dance.
  2. You are a giver.
  3. I love your analogies.
  4. I love that you try new things
  5. You are reflective.
  6. You love to laugh.
  7. I love that you try to learn Spanish.
  8. You are curious.
  9. I love that you challenge yourself.
  10. You are steady and consistent. 
  11. I love that you say “I’m Sorry.”
  12. You are an awesome therapist.
  13. I love your eyes.
  14. You care about others.
  15. You are a great listener.
  16. You are supportive.
  17. You smell good…
  18. I love that you are sensitive.
  19. You are dedicated.
  20. You believe in me.
  21. You have an amazing laugh.
  22. You keep trying.
  23. You have an amazing way with words.
  24. I love that you say, “Thank You.”
  25. I love your drive and motivation to provide for our family.
  26. You are an amazing daddy.
  27. You are a hard worker
  28. I love that you call me your “Exquisit Angel”
  29. I love that you share.
  30. That you are low maintenance.
  31. You are a thinker.
  32. You are sexy!
  33. I love that you take steps to be healthy.
  34. I love that you are an activator
  35. I love your beard.
  36. I love your soft kisses.
  37. I love your adventurous side…
  38. I love the way you love me.
  39. You love your parents.
  40. I love that you journal.
  41. I love your story telling abilities.
  42. I love that you are the Spiritual leader of our family.
  43. I love that you are a reader and a learner. 
  44. You love your family.
  45. You know how to play and have fun together.  

There are a few missing because they are a bit personal and spicy... 

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